Silky Story

Janna here! I think it's about time I shared a bit of Silky's story. 

Silky started as a fervent need to find an outlet for my excessive energy. A passion for creativity and hands-on crafts lead to an ever-growing obsession with nail polish and nail design. Unfortunately, the more I became obsessed with nail polish and the more I started to use it, the more I began to notice the adverse affects it had on my nails. So I kicked into Janna-mode and began to research.

With my brain on information overload, I was appalled to find the kind of harmful ingredients often found in polishes, not to mention the lack of guarantee that the products I was using weren't tested on poor defenseless animals! So with a heavy heart, and a set of chipping nails, I set out to set things right – my way.

I now present you with Silky Polish – the non-toxic, 5-free, animal cruelty free, and environmentally friendly polish.

I can now finally challenge you to pamper yourself the healthier way ;)


Mission Statement

In a fast-paced society, where the next best thing is always looming around the corner, it is often difficult for us to just slow down and enjoy. Silky Polish is dedicated to helping you pause and enjoy and indulge in the experiences you deserve, but in a health-conscious and eco-conscious way.

After a long stressful day, the last thing you want to do is further upset your body by leaving a figurative fingerprint on your health, not to mention on the environment! With our vitamin enriched base coat, and our five-free, non-toxic nail polishes, pamper your nails and watch them grow healthier and stronger, unhindered by harmful chemicals.

It has truly become our goal to make living healthier and happier a reality for you.