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Silky Polish Testimonials

"Just received my polish! The colors are amazing. : ) Thank you so much for the gift, too, Janna! SO lovely of you!! And thanks for telling me about this great brand. : ) xx" - Skye, California

"I've been wearing one of your polishes for the past week now and I noticed that it is lasting incredibly has been six days and it's only wearing a little at the tips. That's awesome! The color i'm wearing is the bright pink and it's beautiful and the application was a breeze. The brush made it very easy to be mess free and the shine was amazing after one application that I didn't even apply a top coat! I;m really loving it.... I can't wait to try another color!" - Catherine, Georgia

"I absolutely love the nail polish's!!!! Seriously there so long lasting and fast drying as well. I can't wait to spread the word about these cruelty free polish's." - Selena, Texas

"Amazing pigment to them... Easy to apply. Great texture. I like them!! My fave is the nude shade!! Loves it!!" - Brittany, Toronto "I have been LOVING them!! The colors are beautiful!" - Claudia, Illinois
"THESE ARE MY MOST FAVORITE NAIL POLISHES EVER! YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM! haha, sorry for the caps! I just love them so much!" - Sarai, Washington   

"I've had a chance to try the Tussah Sunglow and Dupion Tang polishes in the kit and I have to say I'm genuinely impressed! I really love them!  I thought they applied easier than many high-end polishes that I've tried and the beautiful yellow color was so opaque!  It gave an intense buttercup-yellow color in 2 coats with no streaks - not an easy feat!!

They really glide onto your nails so easily (they almost feel gel-like which I love!) and the polish alone has a beautiful shine after it dries.  I really like the top and basecoats as well.  I'm used to my quick-dry top coats so I had to be extra careful but once dry I was really happy with the result.

The shades I've tried seem to be holding up nicely as far as chipping goes.  They don't seem to lift up at the edges as much as some of my other polishes do." - Allison, Pennsylvania

"Anyway, I am so incredibly impressed with the product and packaging! It's so nice how the kit comes with a base and top coat, and even a brush! The formula is also very smooth and silky hehe" - Evelina, North Carolina "Twill Sea is a gorgeous creme shade of teal. Pictured below is ONE coat. That's right. Only ONE COAT. The formula was very pleasant to work with and it glided on with ease. 
J'aime Jacquard is a hot pink with fine silver shimmer. Again, JUST ONE COAT! My mind was blown. My final thoughts? These are great polishes. The formula is superb! They apply with ease." - Leslie, Louisiana